Victim's Family Reacts to Sentencing

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A Marietta man who pleaded guilty to murder just last week was back in court Tuesday to learn his fate.

Carol Alsept still can't believe her daughter, Amber Wesley, is gone. Now, the man she believes to be responsible for her death is set to spend anywhere from fifteen years to life in prison.

"I knew all along he was guilty. I just waited for this day for him to tell everybody that he knew he was guilty," Alsept said.

22-year-old Noal Quattlebaum pleaded guilty just last week for Wesley's murder. It all happened back in July at Wesley's Warren Township home. Now seven months later, family and friends are still in shock.

"She was always happy. She enjoyed life, spending time with friends, and I can't believe it happened to her," Anastasia Hoffann, a friend of Wesley's, said.

Alsept said Quattlebaum's sentencing is just the first battle. Now she's fighting for custody of her two grandchildren that her daughter left behind.

"I love her and I miss her very much, and I'm gonna fight with everything I've got to raise them babies and to the best grandmother to them babies that I can, because I was a good mother to Amber," Alsept said.

And Alsept said there's just one thing she has to say to Quattlebaum:

"You've got a long, lonely life ahead of you," she said.

A life that for at least the next 15 years will be spent behind bars.

Quattlebaum declined to give any comment, saying that he had nothing to say.

After his sentencing, Quattlebaum was taken back to the Washington County Jail.

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