Stimulus Plan's Local Impact

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Everyone's talking about the recently passed stimulus package, but could it actually have an impact on the Mid-Ohio Valley?

Local officials said the $800 billion plan will benefit this part of the country.

Officials say much of the money will be given to the states, which will then trickle down to counties and cities, but after much review, they say they do believe the Mid-Ohio Valley will see some benefits.

"Cities along the Ohio River have much better riverfronts, and this will be one of the best when it's done," Ann Conageski, Parkersburg Development Director, said.

Conageski would love to see some of the funds from the $800 billion dollar stimulus package being spent on the city's riverfront project. Now, even though that is a possibility, she said there are many other projects that are also hoping to see some money.

Conageski said there may be money available to fund special education, and this is something Wood County Superintendent Bill Niday is glad to hear.

"Special education and providing the educational opportunities for those kids is critical for us becoming a better school district," Niday said.

School systems aren't the only ones looking to benefit from the stimulus plan. Conageski said the Mid-Ohio Valley could also see a funding increase for job training, nutrition programs and transportation, but fortunately, none of them will suffer if the extra cash doesn't come through.

"The programs will go on. This is just extra," Conageski said.

The stimulus package currently has two different bills being reviewed; one in the house and one in the senate.

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