Wind Destroys Family's Home

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A Washington County family is without a home after Wednesday night's heavy winds blew their trailer over.

"It shook our trailer and the pictures and the windows, and my husband said 'we better get out of here,'" Sharon Thrasher said.

But Thrasher only made it to her enclosed porch when she met her son Kenny and immediately knew something was wrong.

"He kept pointing, and I kept saying 'what's wrong Kenny, what's wrong?' and I got the word trailer, and I looked out the window and I seen this," she said.

What was once home to a family of four had collapsed when a gust of wind ripped through the area. Doris Hollowniczky, a neighbor, said she wasn't sure her house could stand the heavy winds either.

"I was just praying it wasn't a tornado coming through, because the way the wind was picking up and the rain coming down that hard, I mean it was just whipping everything," Hollowniczky said.

The family that lived in the collapsed trailer said it was the most traumatic experience they've been through, and now the really tough part is salvaging their belongings, but luckily the items inside weren't nearly as damaged as the structure outside.

"There's stuff in there standing up that wasn't even bothered," Thrasher said. "This can all be replaced, but like I said last night, I could be standing in a funeral home today, and I am so thankful that I'm not."

Thankful that her family is still standing, when mother nature tears down the walls around them.

Thrasher also said her son was the only person inside the trailer when it collapsed, and that he and his family will stay with her and other family members until they have a chance to rebuild.

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