Authorities Cracking down on Drugs

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Law enforcement agencies in Marietta and Washington County are cracking down on those involved with drugs.

Thursday night authorities searched a house they believed to be used for drug trafficking, and their hard work isn't going unnoticed by the public.

Marijuana, drug paraphernalia and a hand gun are some of the items recovered as the Major Crimes Task Force searched a house in Marietta. Authorities also arrested 20-year-old Trent Mason in connection with drug trafficking. It's something folks in the area say is really becoming a problem.

"I think there's a lot of drugs in the area," Carmen Gates, a Wood County resident, said.

"I've been back in town six years and there's just kind of a dark hole that exists," Anne Gray, a Marietta resident, said.

A dark hole that law enforcement officers are doing their best to shine some light on.

"They're sniffing them out. They're doing a good job. They're finding them for sure," Gray said.

But not without a little help from the public.

"I think they've got a lot of people out there that are watching and probably a lot of private citizens that are keeping their eyes open, and so I think that they're really doing a good job," Gates said.

Washington County Sheriff Larry Mincks said this investigation is ongoing and more arrests are pending.

Trent Mason was arraigned Friday afternoon on a $5,000 bond.

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