Mystery Uncovered, Mystery Solved

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The ''find" came as construction workers were digging for a renovation project at a home at Camden Avenue and Parmaco Street.

"As we were digging, somebody said, 'hold on, there's a rock'," says property owner Brian Wilkinson. "And when they started digging and getting up underneath it, and pulled it up, we got a complete headstone out of this."

The marker shows the names of a couple named Thomas, and says the husband, Charley, died in 1966. There is a small cemetery on the other side of route 95 from the home, but historians immediately dismissed that as the original site for the monument.

"I would be surprised if there is any connection between this tombstone and the cemetery," Bob Enoch, a member of the Wood County Historical Society, told us at the site.

After some calls to the Wood County Courthouse and a local monument company, what was found out, is that the marker was never placed at a cemetery at all, but was discarded due to an error

"Kirby Monuments told me it's their policy now to take it to the landfill," Enoch said later on. "But that wasn't always the case. It was just used as fill."

While it was --not-- true in this case, the concern local historians have is that markers found under similar circumstances have been taken from area cemeteries.

"We're now going through the process of going throughout the county to locate and document and inventory these old cemeteries," Enoch said. "It's definitely an educational experience that we need to be alerted to instances like this."

And, again, we need to point out that the monument company broke no laws in this instance.

It's estimated the stone weighs between 1000 and 1500 pounds.

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