Baseball Players Concerned About Game's Image

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Professional baseball player Alex Rodriguez is the latest athlete to be caught using steroids, and even though the incident happened back in 2003, it's still disappointing for the millions of people who looked up to him.

Marietta College baseball coach Brian Brewer is well aware of the steroid use in the major leagues, but said it's something that will never be allowed on his team.

"Absolutely not, no way, wouldn't recommend it in a hundred years," Brewer said.

And baseball idol Alex Rodriguez, who admitted to using steroids, now says he wouldn't recommend it either.

"I hope that kids would not make the same mistake that I made," Rodriguez said.

But there's still some question as to how much recognition athletes using steroids should receive.

"Hall of Fame is for players who honor the game and play the game the right way, and for them to question if they should be in the Hall of Fame or not; that's not doing anything good for baseball at all," Josh Spicer, a senior on the team, said.

Players say when their role models are caught taking steroids, it puts a negative image on baseball, and now it's in their hands to help that image.

"When people think of baseball they think of A-Rod, and just to have that next to his name is kind of disappointing," Chris Dowdell, a sophomore team member, said.

Dowdell has played the game his whole life and is determined to keep it clean.

"It's cheating. I wouldn't feel good about myself if I was doing it," he said.

But those who use steroids, might just see it in a different way.

"For every dose or cycle or whatever it is they go through, it's almost like they're getting an additional million or two million on every contract they sign," Brewer said.

Hoping Rodriguez can pick up the pieces of the steroid episode, and return to the love of the game.

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