Community Reacts to Double Murder Suicide

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A community in Noble County is grieving the loss of a family, after a double murder suicide that happened early Wednesday morning at their home a few miles outside of Caldwell, OH.

"Regular sweet lady. She will surely be missed," Esther Hesson, a neighbor of the Bayly family, said.

Hesson had a close relationship with her neighbor Janice Bayly, and says she can't believe her friend is gone.

"I was gonna call her this morning and ask for transportation Monday to the foot doctor," she said.

This is something Bayly did a lot of while working at the senior citizen center in Caldwell.

Now after authorities say her husband Ted Bayly killed her, their son Colton and then himself, those who worked along her side are pulling up memories, and they say Bayly was more than a good friend; she was also a hard worker.

"She even went to the point of taking people to the doctor and staying well past her hours just to make sure they got a safe way home," Michele Hollins, program director, said.

Now, those like Hesson are now trying to come to terms with the loss.

"Unbelievable. Just doesn't seem real at all," Hesson said.

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