Getting a Bigger Piece of the Stimulus Pie for Marietta

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Money from President Barack Obama's economic stimulus plan is starting to make its way through the states, and a state senator in Ohio isn't satisfied with the amount being distributed to the Marietta district.

Senator Jimmy Stewart says Ohio is receiving about $460 million in stimulus money to go towards highways and airports.

However, the Marietta district will be seeing less than three percent of that money.

Stewart says because there are only 12 districts in Ohio, each one should be allotted at least $15 million.

"What part of Ohio needs stimulated more than Appalachian Ohio that for years has been behind the curb in economic development? This is the part of Ohio that needs the growth. This is the part of Ohio that needs these transportation dollars more than any part of Ohio," OH Senator Stewart, (R) 20th District, said.

Senator Stewart is cosponsoring legislation with a state senator in Jackson County to try to get more transportation funding in the area.

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