Bridge Collapse

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A bridge crossing the Muskingum River and Wolf Creek collapsed late Wednesday morning.

While it was coming from American Electric Power's Beverly Plant, the 15-ton truck wasn't carrying a cargo, when it struck the span, twice, while crossing it.

“He caught the upper end of the abutment on the bridge. He made it through it, and he caught the abutment on the end of the bridge, which ended up collapsing it all in,” says Christopher Drayer, a Truck Company Owner.

Large trucks use this bridge to make deliveries to local industries. And there are those who believe it's been due for replacement for quite some time. Drayer says drivers who do use it have noticed weaknesses in the span. But people who live nearby believe the truckers themselves share the blame.

A new bridge is under construction. And everyone we spoke to at the scene believe its completion won't come a moment too soon.

The truck driver, 33-year-old David Washburn of Coolville, was taken to Marietta Memorial Hospital, where he was treated and later released.