Ash Wednesday Marks Beginning of Lent

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Wednesday is Ash Wednesday, which marks the beginning of lent and many people will be giving something up for the next forty days.

Father Eric Hall with Saint Francis Xavier Church in Parkersburg said people don't have to be Catholic to fast, but says whatever they decide to give up should be something that isn't easy to do without.

Hall said Sundays don't count as part of lent, and there's a small debate of whether or not people should continue fasting on those days.

"Some people say it's harder to fast from something the entirety of lent if you're going to not fast on Sundays, and other people say it's the day of resurrection so you shouldn't fast on that day," Hall said.

He also said the ash on the forehead is an external sign of interior belief.

The ashes come from the burned palms of last year's Palm Sunday.

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