College Students Give up Facebook for Lent

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It's something that many of us use to keep in touch with people, but based on what scientists are saying, can actually harm social skills.

Studies show that social networks like Facebook are causing shorter attention spans, and that's especially true for college students.

"Sarah writes on my wall like every day, because she knows I gave it up for lent," Laura Finck, a college student, said.

Finck is an avid Facebook user.

"To the point where I'm like this hasn't changed it the past 20 minutes. Why am I checking this?," she said.

That is exactly why she's attempting to live without it.

"I'm kind of giving it up to use that time to do homework or something else," Finck said.

And she's not the only one banning Facebook for 40 days.

"It's hard! Yesterday, subconsciously I almost went to Facebook on my phone, so I think the first week is gonna be tough," Chike Akah, a college student, said.

Giving up Facebook isn't an easy task. After all, just a few key strokes and you have instant communication.

"I always gotta check who's on-line because I have friends who go to other colleges," Jim Smith, a college freshman, said.

Smith uses the site as a communication tool, but says his cyber social life is distracting him from other parts of his life.

"Sometimes when we get our laptops out in class, I'll like check my Facebook real fast," he said.

"It definitely had an adverse effect on my classwork, because you're looking on your phone instead of listening what the professors say. Facebook, if you let it, can take over your lives," Akah said.

As people spend more time talking with their fingers, and less face to face communication.

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