Zebra on the Loose

Baby zebra "Evidence". Photo courtesy Noah's Ark Animal Rehabilitation Center.
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If you live in the Little Hocking area, there's a possibility you've seen or will see an escaped zebra.

Officials at the Washington County Sheriff's Office have been receiving calls for about a week from people claiming to have sighted a zebra.

Officers have been patrolling the area, and it wasn't until a trooper actually spotted the animal, that authorities could believe what they were hearing.

"When people first started calling in, there was some speculation that they may have been intoxicated when they observed these animals, or this zebra, but over the period of the week we've learned that there actually is a zebra on the loose," Sgt. Pat Gherke said.

Authorities say the zebra has also been spotted in Athens county, and if you see it you should call the sheriff's department.

No word yet on exactly who the owner is.

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