Zebra Sightings

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For about a week authorities have been trying to catch an escaped zebra in Washington County.

Now, folks in Athens County are catching a glance of the animal.

The animal was last seen in Torch, Ohio.

Officials with the Athens County Sheriff's Department tell us they've been receiving many calls from people claiming to have seen it.

We caught up with some of those who spotted the black and white stripes, and they say it's not something you'd expect to see in this neck of the woods.

"The zebra ran past me and I decided to go home and get my camera because I figured nobody would believe me," Zach Hall said.

"You look up on the hill and there was that zebra, so we came home and got our camera and went back down the road, and they were trying to lasso it and they tried to get it with a bucket of food, but it just got spooked and took off," Connie Johnson said.

No word yet on if the zebra has been caught.

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