Celebrating all Races

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Saturday is the last day of black history month and a church in Belpre spent the day celebrating not only African Americans, but every ethnicity.

The congregation of Whitman Chapel AME and Rockland United Methodist Churches spent the afternoon singing, dancing and eating, but they did it in a way that observes all races.

"One ethnic background cannot live without the other. All of us in the world are contributing to each other," Christine Penn, the event organizer, said.

Reverend Deborah Watt is ending black history month by ministering to the congregation a simple lesson.

"We're all going through economic challenges, work challenges, home challenges, and we want the world to know that Whitman Chapel AME Church is here to help all people, and not just those of the African American culture," Rev. Watt said.

It's a message that speaks loudly in more ways than one.

"Last year the singing was just spectacular, the children that did the wonderful dance, and the food," Bonnie Weber said.

Making singing, dancing and eating the perfect recipe for a fun, but valuable lesson.

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