Festival Committees Working with Tight Budget

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Because of the recession, families may be looking for less expensive ways to have summer fun, and of course attending festivals and fairs is a good way to save some cash.

However, some of the annual festivals in the Mid-Ohio Valley are also having to cut back.

"We will probably either have to eliminate our fireworks show, or cut it way back," Tammy Collins, marketing director for Parkersburg's Homecoming Festival, said.

Every August the event brings hundreds of folks back to the area, but this year they're dealing with a tight budget that might affect the festival's main attraction.

"I hear people say all the time, 'that's the only thing we come to see during homecoming,' and I think, 'oh that's a problem.' red flag, if that's the only thing you're coming to see then we're not doing something right," Collins said.

Across the river in Marietta, the Sternwheel Festival is also tightening the purse strings, but Mayor Michael Mullen says the fireworks show must go on.

"The fireworks has been such a part of our Sternwheel Festival. It's tradition," Mayor Mullen said.

Collins is hoping to bring new traditions to the Homecoming Festival. She says by including more local organizations, the event could save money and help the community.

"Wouldn't it be nice if when you come home you could see people who were raising money for the band boosters, or raising money for the athletic organizations around town," she said.

A plan that would benefit the homecoming committee and the entire city.

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