Front Street Project to Improve Pedestrian Safety

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If you've driven down Front Street in Marietta lately, you may be wondering about all the construction.

The 'Front Street Resurfacing and Pedestrian Safety' project is now under way.

"I'm afraid to cross that street," Laura Saliba, manager of Two Peas in a Pod, said.

The store is located on Front Street in Marietta, and Saliba says it's not exactly the safest street in town.

"There's a lot more traffic on this road, and we hear screeching tires every day. They just go way too fast," she said.

Now the city is working to fix that. After resurfacing, engineers plan to add speed tables by crosswalks so that drivers will slow down, but speed isn't the only issue.

"Sometimes it's safer to jay walk, because when you're standing at the cross walk and you're looking both ways and you're waiting for traffic to stop and they just keep going by, it does get frustrating," Saliba said.

But Marietta City Engineer Joe Tucker has a resolution for that too.

"Solar powered signals will, once you press a button, will send a flashing signal to the yield to pedestrian crosswalk sign.

If you're crossing Front Street you'll notice a barrier right where the crosswalk is, but it's actually where they're going to expand the curb, that way pedestrians can see around parked vehicles and cross the street safely.

It's all part of a plan to make drivers more cautious, and pedestrians safer.

"I only hope that it does work," Saliba said.

The project will cost $563,690, but the majority of the funding comes from an Ohio Public Works grant.

It is scheduled to be finished by mid May.

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