In the Home Stretch

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Even if you don't park here, if you regularly ride an easy rider bus, you'll benefit from this facility. It will be the main bus terminal for the mid-Ohio Valley Transit Authority, whose offices also will be housed inside.

"We'll be adding a new service, using our trolleys as a downtown circulator. We're adding that service, as part of being a transit center," says Joe Lockhart.

The main benefit for bus riders is the enclosed indoor waiting area designed to protect them from the elements, whether it's rain, snow or oppressive heat.

"It's an indoor bus terminal, with indoor waiting area, vending areas, restrooms, all the things we would like our passengers to have," adds Lockhart.

More than 300 spaces are available, and most people will want to park in the enclosed area, but a fringe benefit to parking at the very top of the structure, is the panoramic view it provides of downtown.

Inter-city bus lines such as Greyhound will also have a passenger station at the complex, which is expected to open some time next month.