Banning Barbie in West Virginia

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A popular toy that's been around for half a century may soon be taken off the shelves in West Virginia.

The proposal to ban Barbie isn't sitting well with folks in the Mountain State.

Barbie is getting ready to celebrate her 50th birthday, but she may not be getting the best present from West Virginia. Delegate Jeff Eldridge has proposed a bill to ban the doll, saying it influences girls to put too much importance on physical beauty at the expense of their intellectual development. But others say it's just a toy.

"There was always the dream to look like barbie, but it wasn't reality. Barbie was just some plastic figure that was fake," Lori Jackson who grew up playing with Barbies said.

Barbara White has fond memories of her daughter playing with barbies.

"We used to go to Canada and we'd take the Barbies and she'd set them all across the dashboard," she said.

Now that was about 35 years ago, but even today White says Barbie never had a negative impact on her daughter.

"She loved them. She knew people didn't look like that. They're dolls," White said.

Dolls that after fifty years are causing controversy in the Mountain State.

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