Teacher Shaves Head after Students Earn $1,000

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A physical education teacher at a local elementary school is going for a new look, and he has his students to thank for it.

Students at Waverly Elementary chanted "shave him bald" as the school's gym teacher Carey Michael had his head shaved.

Michael says he told students if they raised more than $1,000 for Jump Rope for Heart, he'd shave his head.

"They're excited. They've been talking about it all day. The energy's really high," Michael said.

"I think he should be bald," Jacob Wade, a student, said.

"I thought it was funny, but I wish he would have got a mo-hawk," Kelton Hutchins, a student, said.

"He should have every single hair off," Derek Sayres, a student, said.

Student Shania Forshey had the honor of trimming the teacher's hair because she earned the most money in the school.

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