40th Annual Easter Egg Hunt

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Despite the rain Sunday afternoon, it didn't stop the Oak Grove Volunteer Fire Department from hosting their 40th annual Easter egg hunt.

Kids from around the area made their way to the fire station to grab as many Easter eggs in their baskets as they can.

The Easter egg hunts were separated by three different age groups.

Due to the weather, two of the egg hunts were moved in the garage and in the gymnasium.

The firemen helped put together all the Easter eggs and candy.

"Out of 50 plus years this fire department been here, we've been serving the community with the Easter egg hunt. It's joyful and it's good for the kids to get gifts and like you said, a lot of kids might not have that opportunity," says Oak Grove Fire Chief, Brian Pracht.

Those who picked up an egg with a number written inside got a prize.

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