Ready for Winter?

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It's a possibility that a winter like the one we've spent the past seven months trying to forget, could be back again this year.

“I think we've been fortunate over the last several years to have mild ones, so it's a rude awakening to have a bad one,” says Lee Thorne.

West Virginia's Department of Highways has been working to get ready for it, just in case.

“We've been doing our dry runs, all of our route maps have been submitted to and approved by Charleston. We've been working since May to get our salt bins filled up,” Lee adds.

They're not completely full, but we're getting very close. Last winter cost District Three twice as much as a normal winter. Statewide, the costs were approximately $50 million.
Lee Thorne: Our budget hasn't increased, but overall, statewide, we're budgeted at about $25 million. As materials and other things go up, we somehow have to absorb that cost, but it has not increased.

Ohio's Department of Transportation also is getting ready for the coming winter. Dan Pennock, of the southeast Ohio district, tells us ODOT's "dry run" is scheduled for next Friday.