Special Children, Special Needs

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In her 3 part special report, Lauren Keeling takes a look at the challenges and financial hurdles facing parents who have children and adult loved ones with disabilities and special needs.

In part one, you'll meet a woman with a young daughter who has been diagnosed with Down's Syndrome and Autism, plus, she has had two heart surgeries. You can find out about a program that helped this family survive the financial burden associated with special medical costs for children with disabilities.

In part two, you'll learn more about a resource center in Wood County that helps parents navigate the special education systems in school districts. The program has tips and resources to help you help your child get the most out of the educational system.

In the third and final part, we'll take a closer look at the Wood County Society and its 15 different programs to help children and adults with disabilities live productive, independent lives. The Wood County Society helps people in 8 different counties.

For more information on resources, grants and programs in your area, contact your local Department of Health and Human Resources office.