Tax Holiday

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For 72 hours beginning at midnight Friday morning, certain back to school items will be exempt from West Virginia's sales tax.

The tax holiday affects clothing, shoes and school items less than $100, and computer-related items up to $750. And it has generated some interest this year from the general public.

Jeanne McCord: “I've taken several calls already about the tax holidays. People wanting to know what they can get, and putting things on layaway,” explains Jeanne McCord, Clothing Manager for K-Mart.

This year, retailers are approaching this like the Christmas holiday season, with some stores opening early, and others even open around the clock this weekend.

“It's not Christmas, but it is a busy time because it's back to school. Everyone's stocking up on clothes and school supplies. It's real similar,” adds K-mart Human Resources Manager Sharon Dye.

It's the second time West Virginia stores have taken part in the holiday, which was approved by the legislature. And retailers believe the public is ready to buy.

“I think those of us in the retail industry have tried to advertise with it and let people know the opportunity is there to save money with back to school coming,” GCM Marketing Director Stacy Jacob adds.

Jacobs says families can spend an average of $500 on back-to-school items.

The mall will be open Friday morning at 8 a.m. for tax holiday shoppers, while K-Mart plans to stay open all through Sunday night.