Busy Week for Volunteer Fire Departments

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It's been a busy week for some local volunteer fire departments, as fires seem to be showing up everywhere, and these volunteers' hard work isn't going unnoticed by the community.

"They went to school here. They've been around here their whole life," Georgianna Miller, who works at Welch's Barber Shop in Barlow, said.

Growing up in and really knowing an area makes it a lot easier for volunteer firefighters to respond to calls. This gives others who live in the area a sense of comfort.

"It makes me feel very safe.Especially with two young kids that are around and out and about in the yard and stuff. It makes me feel a lot safer knowing that they're available to respond that quick," Justin Hoon, a Barlow resident, said.

At a garage fire Friday morning near Barlow, not only did one fire department respond quickly, but three departments were on the scene within minutes.

"It's a joint effort between all the neighborhood departments. We have five, six or eight people show up. Barlow has five, six or eight people show up. Same with little hocking. You get enough guys and it's the initial attack that counts," Chief Ernie Hoschar, with Dunham Volunteer Fire Department, said.

And this isn't the only fire volunteers with Dunham, Barlow and Little Hocking fire departments have recently battled. Chief Hoschar says this is the third structure fire crews have fought in the past week. Just days ago, firefighters were able to save a home that filled with smoke when the furnace caught fire. And people know that no matter which department they call, they won't be waiting long for help to arrive.

"One time they (parents) called the wrong fire department and they still responded even though they weren't in their location," Miller said.

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