Still Looking for Clues in Murder Case

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Police are still searching for clues after a homicide that happened nearly one year ago continues to go unsolved.

Now, those who knew Ruth Robinson are making sure the case isn't forgotten.

"She was a living, breathing person who had her place in the world, and she was a kind, generous, nice lady, and we need to remember people like that," Anne Helmick, a neighbor, said.

Helmick placed a wreath and sign in Robinson's yard, who police say was murdered in her 16th Street home. She's hoping the sign serves as a reminder that whoever is responsible for Robinson's death, is free to walk the streets.

"I mourned her, but I mourned the loss of innocence we had in this neighborhood," Helmick said.

Police say they won't give up on the case, but they need your help solving it.

"Even if it seems very minor or insignificant, it really may be a piece of the puzzle we need to solve this case," Detective Leslie Board with the Parkersburg Police Department said.

And neighbors like Helmick can only hope that piece is found.

"I definitely believe in retribution when it comes to something like that," Helmick said.

But that retribution will have to wait until the crime is solved.

Helmick says she plans to put the wreath and sign in Robinson's yard every year until the case is solved.

If you have any information at all on the case, you're asked to call the Parkersburg Police Department.

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