Ohio Unemployment Rate Rises: Students Concerned

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Ohio has the highest unemployment rate it has seen in 25 years.

40,000 more jobs were lost in the buckeye state within only a month's time.

Now, even high school students fear they may not get that summer job to help pay for college.

High school senior Jen Atkins is ready to start the next chapter of her life. For her, getting into college is the easy part, but affording it is going to take a little work, but that work may not be available.

"The economy has taken a dramatic turn all over the country, including Ohio and Washington County," Mike Jacoby, executive director of Southeastern Port Authority, said.

Senior Zane Eschbaugh understands how fortunate he is to have two summer jobs set up.

"College is really expensive, so it's important to build up your savings' account, and make as much money as possible, so you don't have as many student loans later," Eschbaugh said.

Atkins is hoping for a job with a summer camp program, but says if it doesn't pan out, she'll be going a different route, but even then the job hunt isn't an easy travel.

"Now you're seeing a lot more adults behind the counter, because as people lose their jobs, they have to find some way to provide for their families, so those jobs that were open before for teenagers are kind of free grabs for anybody," Atkins said.

School counselor Rita Frum says if students want the paychecks, it all starts with the application.

"I often times encourage kids to actually take their application in in person, and of course to dress appropriately for the job," Frum said.

And in times like these students like Atkins know they can't be too picky.

"Anywhere I can find a job, I'm gonna have to take it no matter what it is," Atkins said.

But what does matter, is getting a job to help pay for the education that will eventually lead to a career.

Jacoby said they're working with the federal government to make sure local businesses get their share of stimulus money, in hopes of keeping more jobs in the area.

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