Drainage Problems

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Resident Anthony Alawat isn't concerned about his home, however, as much as he's concerned about the safety of others.

“We throw kids out of there every single time it happens, kids are drawn to that. There's a real possibility someone there could die, and that scares me to death,” Anthony says.

He believes the problem is a culvert near Route 14, which sends water into the neighborhood. Alawat says that water needs to be diverted away from his street.

Alawat says the drainage has been a problem throughout the long, wet summer, but others say it was a problem well before that.

“I've been on this route for four years, and I've gone through high water a lot of times,” says Louis Coleman.

Coleman says she tries to pump her brakes when going through high water, but that didn't help on this particular day. The commissioners told Alawat they would have one of the county's experts look into the problem.

The West Virginia Department of Highways has told residents it doesn't have jurisdiction over their neighborhood.