Elderly Care

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With the nation's elderly population increasing, the need to provide care for older people is increasing as well, and that includes the need for people who provide daily services for those individuals.

That's why a conference on caregivers was held Tuesday in Marietta. Supporters say at the least, the number of caregivers needs to be maintained; 24.5 million people nationwide serve as caregivers, providing daily services for elderly residents.

“It's trying to maintain and trying to help those who are currently doing it, so they don't experience burnout and are able to fulfill their jobs on a 24/7 basis,” says Joetta Lane.

“We have caregivers as young as 30, who are taking care of a parent. We have caregivers as old as 30, who are taking care of a spouse,” Mechella Adams says.

Speakers included Ohio government officials, and a representative of the Rosylnn Carter Institute for the Elderly.