The Levy Push

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The "C" word, as in consolidation, is an element of the plan to build or renovate school buildings. It involves two of the school system's smaller buildings, Cutler and Bartlett Elementaries. The rest of the building plan involves major renovations to the school system's other structures.

“We've done everything possible to lay it out on the table. This is what it's going to look like; this is how much it's going to cost you. There aren't any hidden agendas, everything's out on the table,” says Superintendent Bob Scott.

Barlow-Vincent Elementary was built when John F. Kennedy was elected President. The class sizes have grown to the point where students have to go to classes in trailers, and Scott says that's not the only problem. Most of the buildings lack proper ventilation systems. And rooms built during the "open classrooms" era of the 19-70's lack basic things such as doors, and he says those buildings won't hold together forever.

“When you look at buildings that are 70 years old, 50 years old, 60 years old, it's a matter of when. And just like everything else, the cost of buildings goes up every year.”

Scott says if voters approve the measure next Tuesday, the state of Ohio would pay 46 percent of the project costs, under its school building program.

“We're one of the only districts in the county that is actually growing. So, if you're looking at these buildings being built so we can add classrooms, and the core area is big enough to handle a bigger population. So, if we do have to add classrooms, we're in good shape,” Scott says.

The owner of $100,000 worth of property would have to pay an additional $245 a year in property taxes, if the issue is passed next Tuesday.