Bridge Dedicated in Honor of Three Veterans

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A new bridge connecting the states of Ohio and West Virginia was dedicated Monday afternoon.

The bridge honors those who helped make the area what it is today, while serving as a link to a good economic future.

The "Bridge of Honor" was dedicated to General James Hartinger, Corporal Edward Bennett and Staff Sergeant Jimmy G. Stewart.

It's all in hopes that everyone driving by will remember those who fought for their country.

General Hartinger's niece, Denise Cole, has fond memories of her uncle; a man who she says couldn't be more deserving of such an honor.

"I think he set a great example, and you know I'm not sure there are so many people out there like him anymore," Cole said.

The bridge is dedicated to the memory of three men who sacrificed all, and now it provides hope for the future.

"A lot of people depend on their jobs whether they're on the Ohio or West Virginia side, so basically I think it's going to be a tremendous boost for both of our economies," W.Va. Governor Joe Manchin said.

And according to friends and family, that's just what the three veterans would have wanted.

"I think it really represents all that he stood for; a lot of hard work, really being unyielding and not settling for less," Cole said.

Bringing together two states, and sounding as a daily reminder of some of the area's most dedicated heroes.

The bridge crosses the Ohio River between the towns of Pomeroy and Mason

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