Linda Culp Fund

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Linda Culp has been noted recently for her long-time CEO position at Saint Joseph's Hospital. But people who knew her also cite her interest in education and bettering one's self. And that led her friends into helping establish a scholarship fund for her, just days after her death.

“I think the committee would be looking for a woman who shows high signs of ambition, who would love to go further in her career, or who didn't finish college, and would like to finish a college degree,” explains Judy Sjostedt.

Sjostedt says the idea had the endorsement of Culp's sisters, even as they were still in mourning over her loss.

“They felt that this was a really appropriate way to recognize Linda's personal commitment, because she served as a mentor for her nieces and her nephews,” Sjostedt says.

While national attention may have helped lead police to her presumed killer, it also focused on Culp's horrible death. Supporters hope this fund helps the public realize that what Culp accomplished in life is much more important.

Women's Opportunity Fund
Linda H. Culp Memorial
c/o Parkersburg Area Community Fund
P.O. Box 1762
Parkersburg WV, 26102-1762