Job Fair to Show What Jobs are Still Available

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With more layoffs happening nearly every week, it may be difficult to believe there's still some work available; however, Wednesday may be a good time for job seekers to take a look at what jobs are out there.

Getting and keeping a job in this economy isn't the easiest task to take on. It's causing many people who once had steady jobs to tighten their budgets while searching for another job.

"A lot of our dislocated workers are needing some additional training for new positions, because they've been at the same job forever," Candy Nelson with the Washington County Department of Job and Family Services said.

So to help those workers and anyone else on the job hunt, the department is having a career fair, hoping to bring good news to the anyone looking for work.

Washington County's unemployment rate is currently at 9.9 percent. Officials say that's extremely high for the area, but fortunately there are some businesses still looking for some good workers."

"Spring and Summer is the busiest time for us. It's the equivalent of other retailers' Christmas time, so we always hire at this time of year," Julian Stryker, a spokesperson for Lowe's, said.

Lowe's is just one of the dozens of companies planning to attend the fair.

"Our strategy is to meet and greet as many people as we can," Stryker said.

They say they definitely fall into the "help wanted" category, showing that some places still need employees just as much as the unemployed need jobs.

The job fair is Wednesday at Washington State Community College from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Job seekers should come prepared with resumes and references, and dress as they would for a job interview.

For a list of employers scheduled to appear, please click on the special link below.

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