41st Annual Davis Anderson Pinewood Derby

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Boy scouts from across the valley got together for the 41st annual Davis Anderson Memorial Pinewood Derby.

The scouts put their cars to the test, racing them down the track and hoping to make it to the bottom first.

And scouts like Jonathan Martin came prepared.

He's no rookie to the derby.

"I'm real eager to race and what makes me want to do it is It's just really fun to give them the car and to race against these other kids," says Martin.

Martin and his dad, Dave spent days creating his car with unique designs and colors.

And it was a car with a big appetite.

"My car is supposed to look like a block of cheese, swiss cheese with holes in it and painted orange and it has a little rubber mouse on it," replied Martin.

The derby teaches boy scouts three important lessons, the craft skills to make the car, following the rules and sportsmanship.

No matter win or lose, Martin enjoys being part of a competition where his creativity comes to light.

"They're cool, i really like how they make and design them however you want and you can put all sorts of designs," added Martin.

Several parents got in on the action by helping the scouts build their cars.

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