41st West Virginia Interstate Fair & Expo Wrap Up

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UPDATE 7-21-13 6:57PM

"We didn't have to cancel a single event. We got the track events in, all the entertainers did their part, we had the live stock sales yesterday, in fact on a positive note, the live stock sale actually did better this year than they did last year," added Collins.

But it was their great success that made all the difference.

"With the rides, we had some new rides come in this year, the good thing about Reithoffer, these are the same people that are at the West Virginia State Fair and they bring in a different ride every year so the people aren't seeing the exact same rides year after year," replied Collins.

And they look forward to continuing this next year.

"All we can do is next year we just got to do everything we did this year again, we work hard, there's a lot of people doing it and we just got to do it over an hope that the weather will cooperate us I mean there's nothing you can't do about the weather," Collins said.

The state fair board is happy to serve their community with an event that's been a family tradition for over 40 years.

"We just want to thank the community and everybody that supported the fair this year and we hope we can get some better weather next year and we hope to see everybody out again," says Collins.

The West Virginia Interstate Fair and Expo will take place in July next year.

For more information on this event, visit their website, http://www.wvinterstatefair.org/home.html.
Preparations are underway for the 41st West Virginia Interstate Fair and Expo.

Carnival rides, vendors, and enough farm animals to fill three barns. It's a sign the West Virginia Interstate Fair and Expo is in town, but getting the grounds ready for the 41st fair wasn't easy.

"The 40th fair was a little rough for us last year. We had the derecho come through. You will notice if you come to see us this year that we have all new roofs on our buildings. A lot of our buildings have new metal. We've put new siding on a lot of them," explains fair board member, Angie Zoller.

Terrible storms and now the threat of extreme heat. Organizers say they're prepared to deal with whatever the weather may bring.

"It's one of those things we're always prepared for. We have an air conditioned building. We have several water stations on the grounds. We have places for people to get in under the shade and we don't think it will hurt us too much. We think it's one of those things that happens to us every year. It's either raining or it's hot. We'll take the heat this year," Zoller says.

It's also an event 4H members look forward to all year long.
Olivia has been showing her animals at the fair for 5 years. "The fact I get to walk them in the ring. It's fun, and getting to win things."

Her sister, Anna, is coming back this year to defend her first place title. "I like to show my animals because they're fun and I like to show them and I like my pigs."

This year is sure to draw crowds with new entertainment.

"The Henningsens are coming out to see us on Tuesday night. Wednesday night will be Chris Janson. Thursday night will be Taylor Sams. He's a local entertainer. Friday night we have Thomas Rett and Saturday night is Greg Bates," says Zoller.

And some old favorites bringing families back year after year.

"Everybody loves our mud bogs. A little bit of rain, a little bit of mud, we're perfect for those this year. They're Thursday night and Friday night. One of our staples is our truck pull on Saturday night. Those will be back again this year," Zoller says.

The events kick off Tuesday morning wit the 4H rabbit show. For a full list of events, click on the hot button.

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