Restoring an Historical Theatre

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The Hippodrome Colony Theatre in downtown Marietta is in the process of being restored, but now some of the funding the project was expecting won't be seen for at least another year.

The $5 million project had been issued $10,000 from the Washington County Commission to help with the building's restrooms, but because the possibility of that part of the project not being ready in 2009, the commission didn't want the county to lose that money.

However, even after this slow-down, officials believe the theatre will actually be a money-maker for the area when it's complete.

"A restored 1,000 seat theatre would just attract an amazing amount of business for the downtown district, and I think the restaurants, the hotels, the businesses downtown; the business would increase dramatically," Hunt Brawley, development director of the Hippodrome Colony Historical Theatre Association, said.

Brawley says the loss of this funding shouldn't set the project back too far, and he plans to apply for the same grant for 2010.

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