Raising the Speed Limit

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Deliveries for truck drivers in Ohio will soon go a little quicker than what they're used to.

The speed limit for trucks is set to raise in just a few months, and that's something truck drivers are glad to hear.

"I love it! That's the reason I've done it so long. It's a good job," Edgel Brookover said about driving trucks.

He also said it's an occupation where obeying the speed limit is a must.

"You get tickets, you don't make no money anyways," he said.

Fortunately for Brookover and other drivers, the speed limit for trucks on Ohio interstate highways is going up. In a few months the 55 will disappear from signs, allowing trucks to go 65 mph; the same speed as other traffic.

"You get paid by the mile, so the faster you can run the more you make," Brookover said.

Truck drivers in Ohio say they'll be glad when they can push that gas pedal down a little bit harder, and those they share the road with say as long as they're smart about it, they'll continue to feel safe.

"These guys are out here trying to make a living. Let's make it legal for them," Gwynda Stanley said.

"But not in the rain. They're already throwing off a terrible splash to you," Ruth Rosewell said.

"Some of the younger ones I think are more aggressive drivers than the older ones," George Thompson said.

"They're usually on a schedule, and if it's a family man then you want him to make his money," Mary Ann Geary said.

As for the drivers, they say safety is the top priority.

"Yeah, we can run 'em safely I'm sure. It's mostly flat land anyway," Brookover said.

The new speed limit for trucks will go into effect in ninety days.

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