Sheriff's Office Employee Pleads Guilty to Petit Larceny

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An employee with the Wood County Sheriff's Office is in trouble for stealing from the department.

Carmella (Carrie) Atkinson was accused of taking nearly $1,400.

Atkinson was arraigned Monday evening in Wood County Magistrate Court where she pleaded guilty to petit larceny.

Atkinson is an administrative assistant with Wood County Home Confinement, where Sheriff Jeff Sandy says she received cash payments from clients and then converted the money for her own use.
"It shows that people who steal from the citizens of Wood County will be prosecuted, and I'm just very pleased with the investigation that was conducted by the Parkersburg Police Department," Sheriff Sandy said.

At the arraignment Atkinson did repay the total amount of money that was taken.

She was sentenced to one year of probation, but if she violates the probation terms, she could go to jail for 15 days.

Sheriff Sandy says he's expecting Atkinson's resignation letter Tuesday.

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