Cold Weather Slows Business

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April is the time of year where certain businesses start relying on the warm weather to help bring in the cash, but Tuesday's temperatures caused some businesses to either close or slow down significantly.

Devola Cream Land is usually packed on an April day. That is when the weather is warmer than the ice cream.

"If you look around you'll see all the business. There's really nothing going on here today," Kevin Chase, the owner, said.

But to make sure the day isn't a waste, Chase used the time to stock up for when business is moving a little faster.

"Prepare for the good days that are coming," Chase said.

Even though it's April, it takes a dedicated person to get out in the snow and cold weather and play a round of golf, which is where we found Glen Cline.

"You're lonely when your buddies aren't out playing with you," Cline said.

In fact, Cline was the only person we found on the course.

"Well, they're wimps," Cline said about his friends that decided to stay indoors.

The owner of Pioneer Family Golf had already sent his staff home, and after Cline finished his 18 holes, he closed the course for the rest of the day.

"Too windy, too cold," Cline said. "With the weather like it is, I don't blame nobody for not being out."

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