Abby Kidder Arrested On The Set Of WTAP News At Noon

If you tuned in to watch WTAP News at Noon on Wednesday you probably saw Abby Kidder placed under arrest and lead off the news set in hand-cuffs.

Not to worry, it was all for a good cause.

Abby was placed in hand-cuffs by Jason Matthews, the President of Firefighters Local 91 in Parkersburg.

It was all a part of the annual MDA lock up to benefit muscular dystrophy.

Abby is just one of many in the Mid Ohio Valley who were arrested.

All of those locked up volunteered to be incarcerated in order to help raise money for people with the nueromuscular disease.

The only way to get out of jail was for the inmates to raise $1,600 for the charity.

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