Maintaining Older Vehicles

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With fewer people buying new cars, more people are trying to keep their older vehicles in better shape.

Local repair shops are seeing a new trend in the types of vehicles they work on.

"What we're working on today is a Dodge truck that has over 400,000 on it, working on an Oldsmobile, it's and '85 model, has right at 200,000 on it, so people do keep 'em a lot longer," David Boley, owner of Boley Enterprises, said.

"We've got people fixing up what they have or buying used rather than buying new," Mike Vanfossen, an automotive technician at Bragg Auto and Truck Repair, said.

Mechanics say it all comes down to one simple fact.

"Keeping the old cars and keeping them in good shape costs less money in the end than to buy a new car," Orland Bragg with Bragg Auto and Truck Repair said.

Especially at a time when 'out with the old and in with the new' isn't always a possibility.

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