Liquor Sales on Sunday

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The blinds at the North End Market in Parkersburg are usually shut on Sunday to keep patrons out of the liquor section, but that all could soon change in West Virginia if a bill is passed allowing stores to sell liquor on Sunday.

Liquor manager at North End Market, Alex McDowell said, "As the bill is worded right now it also has a prevision for election day, where we have never been able to sell on election day and the primaries. So along with Sunday sales it will also allow us to sell on election day."

Under the current law on Sunday you can buy wine and beer after one p.m. but you can not purchase liquor at all.

McDowell said the proposed legislation will increase liquor sales at the store, but the bill may also change how liquor could be sold.

"There is an A license and a B license. The A license will allow you to just be a stand alone liquor store with liquor, wine, beer and tobacco products. The B store would allow you to have groceries, " said McDowell.

McDowell said she is not sure if the bill is passed what the North End Market license will be.

The house voted 62-38 to send the amended bill back to the senate for its approval.

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