Inconvenient Construction to Benefit Businesses in the Long Run

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The construction period for the Front Street Project in Marietta is now more than half way through, and local businesses are itching to see the final product.

A common conversation in Schafer Leather revolves around the construction right outside the store.

"Some people ask, "Has it hurt your business?," and it has a little bit," Karen Briley, store manager, said.

But Briley also believes the temporary traffic troubles and noisy equipment can sometimes boost business.

"The fun thing about construction sites; people are really curious and they wanna see what's going on and what's happening next, so we always have a lot of foot traffic down here too," she said.

"As far as the construction goes, I think for all of us down here on Front Street it's pretty painful," Brian O'Maille, co-owner of "Cafenated," a coffee shop, said.

O'Maille understands there's a small price to pay for some big improvements.

"What they've done is rounded out the corners. It looks like something that's gonna be a little bit more pedestrian friendly," he said.

Making the street safer for his customers is something O'Maille is looking forward to.

"I'm looking at the green popping through the top soil," he said. "It's something that if you survive you're gonna be much stronger for it, so I'm optimistic."

This construction project includes resurfacing, adding speed tables and sidewalk bump-outs at crosswalks and more.

It's all to improve the safety and appearance of Front Street, and is set to be complete by mid May.

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