How Your City Tax Dollars Help

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The clock is ticking and tax payers only have one more day to get their federal and state income taxes filed, and some folks in Ohio need to remember those city taxes as well.

City taxes fund many departments, especially when it comes to public safety.

Steve Hill has worked with the Marietta Fire Department for seven years, and over that time has learned there's a lot more to it than fighting fires.

"I was kind of surprised. I remember when I first started I thought it was just a fire department, and the majority of our calls are actually non-fire calls. EMS stuff: anything from someone getting injured, to a medical problem, to car accidents. You know, water lines break in people's houses, and we go there to try to prevent further flood damage in their homes," Hill said.

But all of that help wouldn't be possible without the funding of tax dollars.

"We're here to serve the customer, and the customer is the public that actually pays the taxes. We just wanna be able to provide the best service, and by them paying their taxes and making sure their bills are paid helps keep the funding going so that we can provide that service," Marc Coppernoll, assistant chief, said.

"The bottom line is public safety," Hill said.

In order to meet the deadline, federal, state and city taxes must be post-marked by Wednesday.

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