Beating the Tax Deadline

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Wednesday was a hectic day for anyone rushing to beat the tax deadline.

With no post offices staying open late this year, many folks had to find the time to get those envelopes stuffed and sent off to the IRS.

"Oh, just making sure all the t's are crossed, i's are dotted, addresses correct, forms going to the right place," Tony Varner said as he finished filing his taxes.

It's paper work on top of paperwork, and not a lot of time to spare.

"Beyond all stress. It just compiles in one day. You can't drink enough coffee. You can't pace around the floor enough," Varner said.

And he's not the only one squeezing his taxes in at the last minute.

"We've had close to two feet of taxes prepared; both state and federal," Carl Boyles at the Belpre Post Office said.

With many envelopes being sent out, Varner is hoping to get one in return, but in a tough economy that tax return might get used a little differently.

"Well, the way things are right now, keeping the lights on is the number one concern. Frivolous things like vacation and things of that nature might have to take the back-burner for right at the moment," Varner said.

With his receipt in hand, Varner was ready for that final step in paying taxes.

"The fiances, the parents and mine," he said as he mailed all the taxes. "Five down for another year. We can relax we can sleep easy. We can cry ourselves to sleep. Things are bad these days, but at least we don't' have to worry about this for one more year."

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