Last Witnesses

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The defense has questioned why the victim didn't report the incident immediately after it happened, waiting instead for the following day.

A friend says she found out about it from making a routine phone call.

Heather Thompson: She was very flustered over the phone, and she wouldn't take to me on the phone, she wanted to talk in person.
Prosecutor: What did you do then?
Thompson: I got off the phone and went to her house.

Both her friends and her future husband urged her to be examined, which she was, later in the day. When the defense began presenting testimony, Waybright declined to appear on the stand. The defense only presented two witnesses, and just a half-hour of testimony.

The last witness was Waybright's mother; perhaps the first to see him after the incident was to have occurred. She says Waybright returned home at 3:45 a.m.

Terry Waybright: It was snowing, and I didn't want him to have a wreck.
Attorney: I assume you don't approve of him drinking and driving?
Waybright: No.

State's testimony has been that the sexual encounters took place between 2:30 and 5:30 a.m. one of the second-degree sexual assault charges against Waybright was dismissed prior to the start of the defense testimony. Closing arguments could begin Friday morning.