Bridge Demolition Connects Past to Future

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For more than 80 years the Pomeroy-Mason Bridge has connected people from two states.

"It's just been a fixture of our lives forever," Paulette Harrison said.

But just before 9 a.m. Tuesday morning, that fixture was gone.

"I can remember ever since I was little going across the Pomeroy-Mason Bridge. It's hard to believe it's gone now," Jordan Pickens said.

Groups gathered all along the riverbank to observe history, or just to catch a glimpse of something you don't see everyday.

The demolition was an exciting show for some, but a heartfelt goodbye for others.

"I was just a kid the first time I went across it, but I traveled it for years and years," Ellis Myers said.

"I've always been connected with the bridge because we've always lived in Pomeroy, so we've always been around. So, it's kind of sad to see it go, but yet neat to see the new one," Harrison said.

The bridge has spanned generations, and now that it's gone a new one is in place to move the community into the future.

"We're moving forward. You gotta move forward, you gotta get rid of some of your past," Pickens said.

What once served as a link between two states is now helping link the past to the future.

The bridge was built in 1928, and has recently been replaced by the new "Bridge of Honor."

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