Pumping Up Frustration

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As the week began, the price at the pumps moved upward, and not by inches. On Monday, most stations were posting regular gas prices of $1.69 and more.

At some stations, the increase was as much as 20 cents from weekend prices. In some cases, it's also the highest gas prices since last winter.

“I usually come on Wednesdays, when it's 10 cents cheaper on the gallon. I'm only pumping $2 today. Then I'll come back tomorrow and fill up,” says Patty Bunner.

The increases are blamed on problems from power outages to pipeline problems, but some we spoke to blame other factors, of a more ongoing nature.

“I think it's got a lot to do with the war. I think the whole war was over the price of oil,” Marty McBrayer says.

While the local increases happened Monday, fuel prices elsewhere began increasing late last week before Thursday and Friday's blackout. The latest AAA report lists the average gas price in the area at a $1.58 a gallon, and $1.57 throughout the Mountain State.