Low Voter Turnout in Washington County Elections

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It's just about two weeks away from primary and special elections in Ohio, and the polls aren't nearly as busy as what we saw in the general election, but there are some faithful voters out there.

Chuck Moody is Washington County's Maintenance Supervisor, but he speaks with board of election officials on a daily basis.

"I open the courthouse each morning, and was here naturally when they came in," Moody said.

Being the first person in the courthouse gives him a great opportunity to cast his ballot early, and Moody is all about being first.

"With my office being across the hall, I just decided I'd be the first person to vote in Washington County in every election," he said.

This is an off-year election, which normally means low voter turnout, and apparently this year is no different.

"The number of ballots we've received is a little over 200, which is a lot less than what we received almost per day in the November election," Tara Hupp with the Washington County Board of Elections said.

"Well, even if you have a bigger election, I'm still gonna be you're first voter," Moody said.

That is unless someone beats him to it.

"I'd be just fine. I'd be number two," he said.

Because after all every vote counts.

"We're citizens. We have this right. We should exercise it, and have our voices heard," Moody said.

The only Washington County precincts to have actual primaries are in Belpre, where there are opposing candidates in each party.

Other precincts will have special elections where the ballots only include issues.

For any information on the ballots in your precinct, you can contact the Washington County Board of Elections at 740-374-6828.

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