Local Legendary Coach Celebrates 100th Birthday

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A local legendary track coach hit a major milestone Saturday, as he celebrated his 100th birthday.

Many who have been impacted by Coach Bob Annasenz gathered to honor him and his many achievements.

"I always told him, I said anything over 300 yards is cruel and unusual punishment, and I didn't wanna run that. That was too much for me," Bob Fogle, an All American track star coached by Annasenz, said.

Fogle reminisces about his Marietta High School track days where Coach Annasenz became a big part of his life.

"When I first started running track I was a colt. I couldn't put one foot in front of the other, and coach took me in and said the kind words at the right time," Fogle said.

Now nearly 50 years later Coach Annasenz has his friends, his family and is ready to party, and what's a good party without some good food.

"You know what I'd like most; a bowl of soup," Annasenz said as the crowd laughed.

So coach jumped the gun a little, but before lunch, still took the time to meet and greet with those whose lives he has touched.

"Bob was a great coach," Paul Wanzo said.

And he has the achievements to prove it. Coach Annasenz has won more than 50 big meet titles and has been inducted into several halls of fame. An annual track meet in Marietta was even named in his honor. As he continues to make an impact, the good memories go way back.

"My dad gave this to him 50 years ago when I was running," Fogle said about a stop watch.

That watch keeps ticking strong, and so does Coach Annasenz.

Along with coaching track at Marietta High for more than three decades, Annasenz also coached football and taught wood shop.

Marietta Mayor Michael Mullen proclaimed April 25 as "Coach Bob Annasenz Day."

Coach Annasenz was also recognized on a national level this week.

Willard Scott wished him a happy 100th birthday on the Today Show Thursday morning.

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