Making a Difference in the MOV: Part 1

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American Flags and Poles in Marietta is your typical downtown shop, but what makes it really standout is that much of the money it brings in, goes back into the community.

"Bridget's come down to the store. She's ran around. She's played with the puppy dogs in here," Bob Crock said about his daughter Bridget.

Bridget suffers from a rare form of lung cancer, and Bob and his wife Desni have never been so grateful for close friends. That's where shop owners Jim and Sylvi Caporale come in.

"Sylvi's known me since I was a little kid as well, and so she considers us as part of the family," Crock said.

Speaking of family, Caporale purchased dozens of family tree picture frames to re-sell to customers.

"I was actually standing in the store over here, and it came to me how we could pull the whole thing together," Sylvi Caporale said.

That's when she decided all of the proceeds would go to benefit Bridget's Brigade, the Crock family's Relay for Life team. But not only is the shop raising money, it's also spreading the word about the importance of cancer research.

The most modest part is that Caporale isn't looking to take any credit for the money raised.

"The big check would actually have your name on it," she said about those who purchase a frame.

And it all comes down to one word: Family.

"She's very giving to everyone all the time, but this is a personal thing with her. She knows the family quite well," Jill Spindler, a shop employee, said.

"It goes back to the family of this community that have adopted our little girl, to take it upon themselves to find ways to help her so that she doesn't have to suffer any more than she has to," Crock said.

Bridget's Brigade is the most recent project, but that community service goes back even further.

"It's another example of all of the things that Sylvi and Jim do for the community, that a lot of people don't see," Crock said.

"She sells postcards that benefit the Armory. She's also done things to help the senior citizen center, so she's very giving and helping with the community," Spindler said.

A community that Caporale feels a responsibility to serve.

"I know that I've been provided for in a lot of different ways, so I can deserve to give it back to others too," Caporale said.

Just a few things this little shop is doing to make a big difference.

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